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Kabinen - Flybe

At Tripp you'll find a wide range of cabin luggage to fit most airline requirements, including cabin suitcases to fit Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways. Find your perfect cabin bag to take on board the aircraft or use for that weekend away .

• 5 year manufacturer guarantee
• Hard and soft shell suitcases
• 2 and 4 wheel options

Tripp Glide Lite III grosse Reisetasche SchwarzTripp Glide Lite III grosse Reisetasche Schwarz
Speichern 38%
War €24.00Dann €17.00 Jetzt €15.00

Tripp Graphit 'Glide Lite III' grosse ReisetascheTripp Graphit 'Glide Lite III' grosse Reisetasche
Speichern 38%
War €24.00Dann €17.00 Jetzt €15.00

Tripp Holiday Bags Reisetasche SCHWARZTripp Holiday Bags Reisetasche SCHWARZ
Speichern 19%
War €22.00Jetzt €18.00

Tripp Graphit 'Style Lite' ReisetascheTripp Graphit 'Style Lite' Reisetasche
Speichern 14%
War €45.00Jetzt €39.00
Tripp Kasjmir 'Ultra Lite' 4 RollenkabinenkofferTripp Kasjmir 'Ultra Lite' 4 Rollenkabinenkoffer
Speichern 14%
War €52.00Jetzt €45.00

Tripp Holiday grosse Reisetasche SchwarzTripp Holiday grosse Reisetasche Schwarz
Speichern 12%
War €25.00Jetzt €22.00