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Soft Suitcase Cabin Bags

Browse Tripp's extensive assortment of soft shell Cabin suitcases. In a great range of colours and styles, you will be sure to find the perfect cabin luggage to suit your travel needs.

Tripp Airforce Blau ' Full Circle' FlugtascheTripp Airforce Blau ' Full Circle' Flugtasche
Speichern 31%
War €22.00Dann €17.00 Jetzt €15.00
Tripp Weinrot 'Full Circle' 4 RollenkabinenkofferTripp Weinrot 'Full Circle' 4 Rollenkabinenkoffer
Speichern 29%
War €69.50Jetzt €49.00

Tripp Schwarz 'Full Circle' 4 Rollen KabinenkofferTripp Schwarz 'Full Circle' 4 Rollen Kabinenkoffer
Speichern 29%
War €69.50Jetzt €49.00

Tripp Pflaumen 'Full Circle' 4 Rollen KabinenkofferTripp Pflaumen 'Full Circle' 4 Rollen Kabinenkoffer
Speichern 39%
War €69.50Dann €45.00 Jetzt €42.00

Tripp Graphit 'Style Lite' FlugtascheTripp Graphit 'Style Lite' Flugtasche
Speichern 31%
War €32.00Jetzt €22.00

Tripp Schwarze 'Ultra Lite' ReisetascheTripp Schwarze 'Ultra Lite' Reisetasche
Speichern 51%
War €35.00Jetzt €17.00

Tripp Graphit 'Style Lite' ReisetascheTripp Graphit 'Style Lite' Reisetasche
Speichern 28%
War €45.00Jetzt €32.00

Tripp Beererot 'Superlite 4W' 4 RollenkabinenkofferTripp Beererot 'Superlite 4W' 4 Rollenkabinenkoffer
Speichern 54%
War €99.00Dann €49.00 Jetzt €45.00
Tripp Beererot 'Superlite 4W' ReisetascheTripp Beererot 'Superlite 4W' Reisetasche
Speichern 50%
War €39.00Jetzt €19.50