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Soft Shell Suitcase

Here you will find all of Tripp's soft suitcases in a range of sizes from Large to Cabin and available in both 2 and 4 wheel options.  You'll find something to suit all your travel needs. 

Bitte stellen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung Sie uns wenn Sie nicht finden können was Sie suchen.


Do you ever get that sinking feeling when the suitcases start coming round the carousel and they all look the same?  Well you don’t need to worry as we have an assortment of black, neutral and brighter more eye catching colours so you’ll never mistake your suitcase again.  The soft shell suitcases all come in 3 sizes so you can mix and match your size and colours so the whole family is catered for, with a colour to suit everyone’s individual style.


All of our soft side suitcases come with 4 wheels to make life that much easier and to provide you with easy maneuverability when travelling.  You’ll find your suitcase glides with ease on 4 wheels, and if you’re on more uneven ground, you can feel confident pulling it on 2 wheels.



Some of our soft shell suitcases come with expandability which means extra space on the return leg of your holiday for all those holiday purchases! This extra capacity can be used for those additional must have pieces. Some of our luggage also has front pockets which are perfect for things that need quick and easy accessibility. All of soft side luggage comes with a padlock for security.



Our soft suitcases all come in 3 sizes so we have the perfect size to suit the needs of your holiday.  Whether it be a Cabin suitcase for a city break, a Medium suitcase for a week’s holiday to Portugal, or a large suitcase for that Caribbean cruise, we have you covered.  Our largest soft shell suitcase (Style Lite) has a capacity of 111 litres when expanded so rest assured you’ll have space for all of that holiday shopping!



Soft shell suitcases are lightweight.  We have designed strong, secure and lightweight soft shell suitcases that won’t encroach on your weight allowance.  Our lightest soft shell suitcase is just 2.5 kg for the cabin size.


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