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Tripp Beererot 'Superlite 4W' mittlerer 4 Rollenkoffer

Superlite 4W Medium 4 wheel Suitcase 70cm BERRY


Eigenschaften: 4 Wheels, Medium, Expandable.

Der Tripp mittlere Superlite 4 Rollenkoffer in beererot ist Teil einer 4 Rollenkollektion, die entworfen ist um so leicht wie moeglich zu sein
  • Typ: Medium Koffer
  • Garantieren: 5 Jahre Garantie
  • Farbe: BEERE
  • Material: 600 Denier Polyester mit schwarzem Nylon metallic Highlight
  • Erweiterbar: Erweiterbar
  • Räder: 4 Rollen Trolley System
  • Griffe: extra gepolsterte einziehbare Top und Seitengriffe
  • Interne funktionen: Netzteiler
  • Externe funktionen: Softkomfort RV Zieher
  • Sicherheit funktionen: Vorhaengeschloss und Schluessel
  • Kapazität: Inhalt: 62-72 Liter
  • Größe: Höhe: 70Cm, Breite: 43Cm, Tiefe: 28-32Cm
  • Gewicht: Gewicht: 3.3 Kg

Kundenbewertungen (19)

"Appear to be good as yet unused."
"The cases are fantastic, exactly as seen and described on the website. The website was extremely easy to use and place an order. The delivery was fast and I was kept informed. Excellent service, I would highly recommend Tripp."
"Very sleek, robust and classy design"
"This case is light, medium sized, and with 4 wheels, so easy to handle. It takes enough stuff to cover a week in the sun, but small enough to make you sort out what is really needed- no excess baggage!"
"Purchased two of these in November, they've now been on two trips and both bags have had one wheel break, with the rubber falling off completely on one side. This makes it very difficult to push / pull the bag! Otherwise the quality seems good. Unfortunately Tripp doesn't supply spare parts, so I'll have to get an unbranded replacement."
"Purchased this to match the carry on luggage I already had. Great to know that although purchased the same colour months apart they still match. Sturdy case but light so doesn't take up huge amounts of luggage allowance. Was a little disappointed in the naff lock supplied but I have my own suitcase locks anyway."
"Quality not as good as previous purchase"
"Excellent cases highly recommended"
"Great case, great service"
"lovely suitcase many thanks"
"great suitcase, rubbish lock provided, in pieces after our 1st. flight"
"1 medium sized lightweight suitcase"
"Great product. Lightweight, roomy yet durable."
"The case was good with easy movement. Just one flaw - the straps inside securing your clothes were too tight thus creasing your clothes"

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Medium Koffer

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