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Tripp Jeansblau/Mohnrot 'Leaf' 2 Rollenkabinenkoffer

Express Leaf Cabin 2 wheel SC 55cm DENIM BLUE/POPP


Eigenschaften: 2 Wheels, Cabin Size, Lightweight.

Der Tripp Express Leaf 2 Rollenkabinenkoffer in Denimblau/Poppyrot ist Teil einer einzigartiger Druck Kollektion von Koffern und Taschen
  • Typ: Koffertrolley
  • Garantieren: 5 Jahre Garantie
  • Material: Polyester
  • Räder: 2 Rollen
  • Griffe: Top und Seite Griffe
  • Interne funktionen: Packgurte
  • Sicherheit funktionen: Vorhaengeschloss und Schluessel
  • Kapazität: Inhalt: 26 Liter
  • Größe: Hoehe: 55Cm, Breite: 36Cm, Tiefe: 19Cm
  • Gewicht: Inhalt: 2.5 Kg

Kundenbewertungen (14)

"No outside pocket or inside pocket / mesh"
"Perfect shape size and colour!"
"Great soze and excellent quality. Looks exactly like onnpicture and described. I’m very happy with this purchase. It’s light and solid. I’m sure it will last me years. Will buy in the future from tripp"
"Superb cases BUT who thought that elastic inner retaining straps were a good idea. They curl up in the bottom of the case. If a case is well packed, with items round the edge how does one get to the straps? The only way is by burrowing under the contents!!!
Elastic stretches so that clothes are not held firmly in place but move about."
"Such a lovely case. Lovely vibrant colours ... my daughter loved her gift and she can now stop borrowing mine!! However, I am tempted to buy this for myself ... to add to my collection. Bargain price for a lovely piece of luggage."
"A great product, nice and bright. It was delivered very quickly after the order process that was quite simple."
"Good quality and it looks great"
"Bought as a gift alongside the matching travel bag. Good quality and design."
"In terms of the product, it's a shame that suitcases are rather basic: no pockets on the inside or outside whatsoever (there was not picture of this online) They also seem deeper than the ones we had before... I hope this is still standard measurements."
"Strong case, lots of space for the size and nice to look at"
"Excellent quality, looks classy"

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