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Tripp Graphit 'Style Lite' 4 Rollenkabinenkoffer

Style Lite Cabin 4 wheel SC 55cm Exp GRAPHITE


Eigenschaften: 4 Wheels, Cabin Luggage, Front Pocket.

Der Tripp graphit 'Style Lite' 4 Rollenkabinenkoffer ist Teil einer anspruchsvollen leichtgewicht premium Softside Kollektion die in 2 Farben kommt
  • Typ: 4 Rollenkabinenkoffer
  • Garantieren: 5 Jahre Garantie
  • Farbe: GRAPHIT
  • Material: Polyester - 2 Ton Effekt
  • Räder: 4 Rollen
  • Griffe: Topgriffe
  • Interne funktionen: 2 x Packgurte, RV Teiler im Deckel und kleines RV Fach
  • Externe funktionen: Frontfach
  • Sicherheit funktionen: Integriertes TSA Kombinationsschloss
  • Kapazität: Inhalt: 30 Liter
  • Größe: Hoehe: 55Cm, Breite: 37Cm, Tiefe: 20Cm
  • Gewicht: Gewicht: 2.3 Kg

Kundenbewertungen (14)

"Looks stylish and is very spacious inside.
Used for a 3day trip and was able to get everything required into with no wrinkling of items. Lightweight and easy to store in luggage racks"
"Attractive looking cases, robust, roomy and very easy to manoeuvre"
"Looks nice but its a bit wobbly when loaded using the front pocket."
"The trolley has a nice design and it is light weight. The 4 wheels run smoothly, as well as the detaching handle. The reason why this review did not get the 5th star is because of the high prices."
"lovely looking cases. teh zip is int he middle (rather than towards the top) meaning you can pack on both sides of the case, each side then being zipped in. It received a sizeable dent on it's first use which is the only draw back."
"Like the style, Wheels are very free. Case is lightweight and the various pockets are nicely divided."
"Like the style, Wheels are very free. Case is lightweight and the various pockets are nicely divided."
"Really beautiful bag, better than expected outside laptop storage , inside double pocket zippered, better top storage, expandable zipper top, hold straps, telescopic handle, sturdy construction. Lightweight and rolls great. Great value highly suggest buying this"
"Very durable, glides along and light"
"Lovely item and quick delivery."
"Really stylish product. Perfect"
"It is exactly what I need for short business trips abroad."
"Case had two tears from its first use and was only used as a cabin bag so I'm very disappointed in the quality of the material shame as I like everything else about it."

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4 Rollenkabinenkoffer

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