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Tripp Graphit 'Style Lite' Flugtasche

Style Lite Flight Bag GRAPHITE


Eigenschaften: Lightweight, Cabin Luggage.

Die Tripp graphit 'Style Lite' Flugtasche ist Teil einer anspruchsvollen leichtgewicht premium Softside Kollektion die in 2 Farben kommt
  • Typ: Flugumhänger
  • Garantieren: 5 Jahre Garantie
  • Farbe: GRAPHIT
  • Material: Polyester - 2 Ton Effekt
  • Griffe: Verstellbarer und erweiterbarer Schultergurt
  • Externe funktionen: Frontfach mit RV und Smarthuelle
  • Kapazität: Inhalt: 15 Liter
  • Größe: Hoehe: 27Cm, Breite: 39Cm, Tiefe: 15Cm
  • Gewicht: Gewicht: 0.6 Kg

Kundenbewertungen (10)

"expensive for what it is !"
"I can’t believe Tripp have allowed this bag to be sold with there Logo on it.
The quality and design are not good at all.
The bag has gone back to Tripp without any quibble but I was surprised that the staff did not ask why I was returning an item and then reporting back to management?"
Personal Antwort...
"Thank you for your feedback regarding the flight bag you purchased from us.

I'm sorry to hear that you were not asked for the reason for your return, this would normally be done at the time of your requesting a collection.

I have emailed you privately in order to get further information regarding this.

Kind Regards

Charlotte Osborne
Customer Service & Website Manager
+44(0) 20 7014 5853
"Stylish and light. Great quality and size"
"Never even received this! Instead they sent an embarrassing green colour kids school rucksack style item!!!! Ordered these for my parents and had them sent to their address!! So embarrassing"
"Well made and serviceable"
"very pleased. a Christmas present for my nephew"
"A useful accessory for leisure trips abroad and at home."
"neat little bag but very roomy"

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