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Tripp Glide Lite III 2 Rollen Kabinekoffer Maulbeererot

Glide Lite III 2W Cabin 2 wheel SC 55cm MULBERRY


Eigenschaften: 2 Wheels, Cabin Size, Lightweight.

Der Tripp Glide Lite III 2 Rollenkabinekoffer in Maulbeererot ist Teil einer von Tripps bestverkaufenden Kollektion, speziel fuer die, die Frontfaeche haben moechten.
  • Typ: Koffertrolley
  • Garantieren: 5 Jahre Garantie
  • Material: 600 Denier
  • Räder: 2 Rollen
  • Griffe: Top & Seitengriffe
  • Interne funktionen: Interne Packgurte
  • Externe funktionen: Integriertes Addressefach an der Hinterseites des Koffers und 1 Frontfach mit RV
  • Sicherheit funktionen: Vorhaengeschloss und Schluessel
  • Kapazität: Inhalt: 26 Liter
  • Größe: Hoehe: 53Cm, Breite: 36Cm, Tiefe: 19Cm
  • Gewicht: Gewicht: 2.4 Kg

Kundenbewertungen (18)

"Good quality lightweight case and perfect for the cabin hold. Love the colour too!"
"Very pleased with my new case, easy and light to handle. Love the colour! It seems well made and plenty of room for weekend travel or cabin luggage."
"Very pleased with the suitcase . Looks smart and sturdy and is easy to pull along .
A side handle would have been useful so it could be carried on its side and to assist lifting it on and off high racks ."
"The case was slow to arrive in fact appeared the day before we were due to go on holiday..on looking at the small print it did state there could be delays after Xmas but like many I'm not a great small print a clear warning might be useful."
"perfect for travelling by EuroStar"
"Great product. Would be better if it had a carry handle on the side rather than, or as well as the top."
"Came quickly. Nice cases. But haven't used them yet. They seem well made."
"Great quality, would highly recommend."
"Great product and sale price. Would buy from again."
"My daughter got it for her birthday and has already used it on a horse shopping trip."
"It is very easy to manage when travelling."

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